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Spring 2021 Events

March 14, 2021

Women's Lunch Place

For this event, we provided essential toiletries to the Women's Lunch Place to help women who have experienced loss, trauma, and abuse.

March 13, 2021

Write the Night 

During this event, we wrote supportive and encouraging letters to individuals who were experiencing challenges throughout the COVID pandemic. 

February 26, 2021

SYZter Q&A

With self-generated questions by a couple of our SYZters, we answered cute and fu n questions about our thoughts on our group and SYZters and to further strengthen our bond. 

February 20, 2021

CSA x KASA Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration

To commemorate Lunar New Year, we attended this virtual celebration held by Northeastern's Chinese Student Association and Korean-American Student Association. 

March 12, 2021

Girl Rising: Film Screening and Discussion

For this event, we all virtually joined together to watch a documentary that tells the stories of nine girls from developing countries who strive to become educated. 

February 19, 2021

Virtual Yoga

On this night, we all gathered on a Zoom call to destress together with a short yoga session. 

February 17, 2021

SYZter Social - We're Not Really Strangers

For the first social, SYZters across the nation played We're Not Really Strangers in Zoom breakout rooms to build bonds with SYZters from all over. 

February 9, 2021

Virtual Bullet Journal Session

For one of our first SYZterhood events, we all sat down together to organize and visualize our schedules for the upcoming semester in our bullet journals. 

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