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Our History

The Alpha Upsilon Charter

We are the Alpha Upsilon Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. at Northeastern University, located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Our Story

During the COVID-quarantine spring of 2021, the Alpha Upsilon Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta became an official organization at Northeastern University. The 12 founding members worked hard for two years, beginning in the spring of 2019, as part of the interest group SAPPHIRES (Sisters Ardently Pursuing Perpetual Harmony, Identity, Resilience, Empowerment, and Strength) led by Amber "Tribute" Chan and Emily "Sunstone" Chen.

Together, this group sought to educate the Northeastern community on womxn empowerment and the Asian-American culture, while building lasting bonds with one another. With determination and hard work, the Alpha Upsilon Charter officially chartered on March 21, 2021.


Spring of 2019

The interest group SAPPHIRES forms under Amber "Tribute" Chan and Emily "Sunstone" Chen

March 21, 2021

SAPPHIRES officially charters on campus as the Alpha Upsilon Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta

April 14, 2022

Alpha class revealed


Join us on our journey as we strive for chapter status!

November 19, 2022

Beta class revealed


Belkis "MJÖLLNiR" Vergara, Amber "Tribute" Chan, Anna "CLaiRVOYANSE" Li, Joanna "Sardonyx" Jacob, Ariel "INTERSTELLaiR" Li, Emily "Sunstone" Chen, Chloe "SohaliA" Chen, Bernice "OssA" Luong, Makena "illuSOry" Oda, Vivian "DARE" Meng, Yutong "Micarus" Zou, and Alyson "HOKAGÉ" Liu are proud to now be a part of the Sigma Psi Zeta community.  

The Charter Class

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